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We can help you with almost any aspect of your dealing in Russia:

  • Translation & Interpreting
  • Representation & Distribution
  • Registration of Companies
  • Branch Offices & Subsidiaries
  • Legal Services & Court Representation
  • Web Services
We are professionals and that's what we do best .
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  Translations & Interpreting

Translations deal with the written word and are based upon word count. Our agency can handle translations from/into all languages of the former USSR.

We can also meet any customer special requirements for formatting. Our normal translation charge includes presentation in "Microsoft Word" format. If there are particular requirements for a special format an additional charge will normally be agreed before the work begins.

If the document is to be published, we recommend that it should be proof read by a third party who is a native speaker of the target language. To obtain free no obligation quotation please contact us now.

Interpreting deals with the spoken word. Our charge is based upon each hour the interpreter is required to attend your premises.

  Contract negotiating

In negotiations, Lanaguage Service works to protect our clients' interests. Frequently occurring issues for negotiations in commercial agreements are related to areas such as warranties, indemnities, guarantees, limitations on liability and securities.

  Legal Consultancy

We have experience in drafting a wide array of legal documents, including: Standard contracts and modules for common contracts and agency agreements, complex purchasing and acquisitions contracts, service agreements, consultancy agreements, financial and loan agreements, leases; software licences, software development, modification and support agreements, etc.

  Web Services

We can help you to register .ru domain names, design, develop your "Russian" domains and keep them updated. We can manually submit your sites to all Russian Search Engines.

Language Service deliver both Website content translation and a comprehensive, high quality localisation service. Localisation means that we advise you of areas which could be culturally sensitive or areas which wouldn't really be meaningful in a different local context.

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Meet our team of professionals who are here to serve you.

Translator for English and Russian Langauages.


I. Neznakin, BS

Translator for Russian, Hewbrew and English languages.


I. Granovsky, BA

Language Service Consulting Specialist.


N. Thompson, BA

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The following list of some of our clients illustrates the depth of services and types of clients we have served:


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If you have any questions regarding our services, you can contact us by phone, post, email or by filling in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.